Bitcoin woman murdered

Bitcoin woman murdered

  kelly harper faces up to 10 years in prison dane county jail. A wisconsin woman has been accused of paying the administrator of a dark-web site in bitcoin to kill a man.

  kristy lynn felkins, 36, of fallon, was charged in an indictment last week with sending the bitcoin to a hitman website that turned out to be a scam, sacramento federal prosecutors said.

-- a federal grand jury in california has indicted a nevada woman accused of trying to hire a hit man on the internet for 5,000 in bitcoin to kill her ex-husband.

A wisconsin woman has been charged for trying to solicit a murder over the dark web paid for with bitcoin. According to a report from the milwaukee journal sentinel on monday, kelly harper, 37.

Federal investigators busted felkins when they received a tip-off about the website. They traced her bitcoin transactions to find the incriminating messages and arrest felkins. Felkins started speaking with someone on the website using tora web browser used for accessing the dark web.

Has been indicted on murder-for-hire charges for allegedly trying to pay a hitman 5,000 in bitcoin to kill her ex-husband.

But 36-year-old kristy lynn felkins was indicted in california federal court thursday for allegedly paying a phony hitman 12 btc (at the time.).

  in a similar case, a nevada woman has been recently arrested for allegedly paying 5000 worth of bitcoin to hire a hitman to kill her husband. For her spouse, luckily, the website she used turned out to be a scam and authorities have been able to arrest the defendant.

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Bitcoin woman murdered

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