Binance price alert

Binance price alert

  set price alerts for all crypto currencies listed on binance with alert sound and browser notifications, no more 20 open tabs in your browser to track prices. It literally takes less then 5 seconds to place an alert ! How to use just navigate to the currency pair trading page on binance and click the extension, it will auto-fill the pair name and the current price, then easily set alert price using percentage buttons of.

  to create a price alert on binance mobile app (android), please follow these steps log in to your binance account on the binance app click on the trade menu at the bottom middle. Next, choose a trading pair (btcusdt) under the spot or margin market.

The extension fetches price data every 10 seconds using their api - httpsapi. Comapiv1tickerallprices code for the extension is at httpsgithub. Comganeshkamathpbinance-alerts-extension this extension was solely written to track the price and not to trade. I will not be responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused due to the usage of this extension.

  binance, one of the worlds largest cryptocurrency exchanges by volume, just launched a new tool for price alerts. Available on the binance windows desktop client, its designed to help crypto traders stay on top of the market.

Choose from many ways to receive alerts, such as our telegram, discord or slack bots. Real-time price monitoring across exchanges, including coinbase, binance, bittrex, bitmex, kraken and bitfinex.

Bitcoin & crypto price alerts, exchange listings, wallet monitoring, marketcap, dominance, and btc network monitoring delivered via sms, telegram, discord, email and more.

In the app, go to markets and open the graph there you should see a bell. There are a bunch available and some use email, sms, pushover or telegram.

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Binance price alert

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