Binance bot example

Binance bot example

  this script will monitor the ticker for the btcusdt pair on binance and execute a trade to sell all of your btc when the value of btc has gone above 10,000 usdt. This is a simple example of how you can combine the data from the websockets to execute a trading strategy.

After clicking generate, you will be taken to a screen that displays your key.

A example of bot using backtrader to trade bitcoins in binance exchange. This project is not maintained, it is just an example of backtrader usage.

Responds with price from current open candle of a pair and interval you define, intervals you can use 1m,3m,5m,15m,30m,1h,2h,4h,6h,8h,12h,1d,3d,1w,1m.

Binance smarttade bot - cryptocurrency trading tool powered by skyrock signals. Skyrock signals provides you with the tools to grow your cryptocurrency portfolio through algorithmic trading bots & signals, mentorship and research reports.

Lyxxtyl2uhope you like the video of my cryptocurrency automated bot, its a great tool and have been using it successfully f.

In multiple threads, the bot loops a three part trade sequence which is 1) buy an alt coin on the eth market 2) sell that alt coin on the btc market 3) buy back eth on the btc market, executing a type of strategy called triangular arbitrage. It makes all trades by initally placing limit orders at the best bid price.

Import crypto from crypto import currencies create instance, connects to your exchange accounts crypto crypto () logs in logs. Log (hello world, mode notification) get your eth balance on binance crypto. Binance, eth) get the ethbtc bid price on bittrex crypto.

Multiple take profit, trailing sl by targets, sl by trigger candle, move orders on the chart etc.

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Binance bot example

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Binance bot example
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