Best launch options for rust

Best launch options for rust

Under the tab general, go to set launch options type in one of the 3 lines, try on your own which works best for you!-force-d3d11-no-singlethreaded -force-driver-type-warp -force-gfx-direct note for -force-driver-type-warp this for some cause menu lag 1fps - for me doesnt, try out on your own to find out.

  right click on rust and select properties then click on set launch options.

Fps boost for rust the game lets get started! Steam shortcut command -no-browser open steamopenminigameslist this will prevent steamwebhelper processes to start.

So, to sum up, i dont really know how much of you cpu rust takes, but if you wanna know, you can open your task manager while playing rust and if your cpu is at 100 using -threads x will probably help, if its lower it wont probably change much.

  low end pc ultimate rust fps boost guide hope you guys enjoyed my video make sure to like and subscribe and click the bellspecs-i5 2500k 3.

  once rust launches, hit the windows logo key to minimize the game. Go to task managerdetails tab right-click on rust set affinity. Tick and enable all the options in the next window, as this will allow full cpu cores to the game.

These are the best settings for rust on pc rust best pc settings 2021 options. Resolution native monitor resolution mode exclusive vsync off fps limit 240 graphics.

Press the windows i buttons on your keyboard to open the windows settings overview and then navigate into the power options area to configure. Disabling the windows 10s gaming bar, an unnecessary feature that will run in the background by default.

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Best launch options for rust

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