Best civ 5 leader for war

Best civ 5 leader for war

  fans of the civilization series know that no strategy is good for more than a month before players catch on, patches balance the game, and dlcs and expansions flip the script.

These are the best civilizations in civilization 5 by victory type poland (domination) zulu (domination) greece (diplomacy) siam (diplomacy) korea (science) babylon.

  and yet another great leader to start with and gain immense advantages early on.

The best civs are in the deity category, followed by immortal, emperor, king, prince, warlord, chieftain, and finally settler. Now, without further delay, here is the fanbyte tier list for civ 5 as of february 2020.

Destroy cities, conquer your enemies, and annoy gandhi to the point where hell decide to nuke you and start the most dangerous war in the history of earth. But which civ 5 leaders are best fit for the role? Poland casimir iii.

  our civ 5 tier list guide enlightens the best civs with leaders that you can choose in the civilization v difficulty settings. Through this guide youll get the best choices while selecting the nation. Civilization is a turn-based tactics game that requires lots of patience and dedication with focused plannings in order to compete in the game.

The 7th-century assyrian king, ashurbanipal, is renowned in history for his vast knowledge of language, literature, and mathematics he was, by all accounts, a proudly educated leader whose people flourished under his rule.

So, its hard to really say who is the best naval civ because theres really no challenge to be had.

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Best civ 5 leader for war

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