Axitrader pro account

Axitrader pro account

Whether youre brand new to trading or an experienced industry professional, weve got an mt4 trading account to suit your needs. And every axitrader account comes with loads of extra tools and features to help make your trading experience better and easier! Standard account.

Pro account setup cost setup cost free setup cost free spreads spreads from 0. Axitrader is 100 owned by axicorp financial services pty ltd, a company incorporated in australia (acn 127 606 348). Over-the-counter derivatives are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing substantially more than your initial investment rapidly due to.

Axis standard account type has no commissions and spreads from 1. 1 pips eurusd while the pro trading account commissions of 7. Axi (axitrader) is a metatrader 4 trading platform specialist provider with no minimum deposits and a good choice of cfds.

Pro account setup cost setup cost free setup cost free spreads spreads from 0. 0 pips commission commission none commission 7 round trip (usd).

Formerly known as axitrader, axi is a business founded by australian professionals, providing what it takes to become a successful forex trader.

With an axi demo account, youll be trading in a replica of the live trading environment, including access to real-time spreads and execution speeds. 50,000 of virtual funds to practice trading the way you want. Access real-time spreads on the worlds leading trading terminal, mt4.

Open a forex trading account in 3 simple steps and begin trading today.

  account types the trading site offers two major retail account types, namely, standard and pro. However, the standard account fails to fulfil the client requirements and has little offering than other similar trading sites. The pro account is expensive in terms of spreads and commissions and would not be affordable for beginners. The cost for trading one round lot is 7, which is more than the 1.

  pro account - 7 round trip commission, generally lower spreads theres also an option to open an islamic account. Creating an account is easy and fully digital, but it took 2 business days until our account was approved. The steps of account opening at axi are the following provide personal information.

Axi (formerly known as axitrader) is a trading name of axicorp limited which is registered in england and wales under registered number 06378544. Axicorp ltd is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority fca reference number 509746.

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Axitrader pro account

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