Auburn online mba reddit

Auburn online mba reddit

So im looking into applying for the mba program at auburn, and right now im starting to prep for the gmat test. I had a question come up regarding the gmat, so i emailed the schools email and got an ooo message. Auburns site itself doesnt actually have the average applicant score on there, so.

So, im looking to get my gmat out of the way and start the dual mbamsis degrees at auburn in january of 2018. Ive always been an auburn football fan and wanted to go here, but usa was much cheaper and more feasible for me as an undergrad. Now that the idea of attending is very real, im really excited! Has anyone gone through the mba program that could give me their opinion of the course.

Auburns online mba is among the oldest and most highly ranked online mba programs in the nation. While courses are delivered online, our delivery model provides you the same exceptional curriculum, resources, and educators as our full-time mba. This allows you to balance lifes demands while earning your degree at your own pace. Despite being at a distance, you will feel connected to your.

Rmba, i did a search in the field box and it didnt come up with any good past sub reddits.

Just like the link says, im looking for the easiest cheapest masters degree that is credited. Probably an mba as one of my undergrad degrees is in business so i can skip a lot of the intro classes and waive the gmat. But im also looking to just get that box checked if i were to ever need it for promotion reasons later on.

Participation is not required for online mba students, but students who have attended found it beneficial and were more engaged in their mba experience. If you choose not to attend, you must view the orientation online. This online session is delivered soon after the orientation ends.

Candidates interview in-person or online with both auburn mba programs director jim parrish and graduate career services director frank oprandy. Once an official admissions decision is made, you will receive notification from auburn mba programs and the auburn graduate school. You must both accept our offer of admission and pay a 450 confirmation fee to secure a spot in the upcoming class.

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Auburn online mba reddit

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