At&t coverage on cruise ships

At&t coverage on cruise ships

What is the difference between a cruise package and other international roaming packages? Usage aboard select cruise ships is only covered by at&t cruise packages. At&t international day pass and passport packages do not include cruise ship coverage.

You can choose from cruise options on over 150 select cruise ships. Decide if you also want at&t international day pass or at&t passport for talk, text, and data use in select countries while youre on land.

At&t cruise packages1 are available on over 170 ships and include use in mexico, canada and most caribbean islands. Verify that the cruise ship youll be on, and the countries it will visit, are included in our at&t cruise packages.

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Cruise ships turn off their cellular service when approaching a port. City or territory, you could incur international charges on your phone.

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00minute, or you can purchase one of two cruise ship calling packages if youre sailing with one of more than 20 cruise lines.

Save on talk, text, and data usage while at sea and on land with at&t 30-day cruise packages.

No matter what type of internet service you find on your cruise ship, there are tricks you can employ to get your internet fix with less hassle.

  with over 2,000,000 downloads, ship mate is the undisputed leader in mobile cruise apps. Ship mate gives users access to reviews, tips, roll calls, and cruise countdowns, but the best part is that many of its features can be used offline.

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At&t coverage on cruise ships

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