Ask price line mt4

Ask price line mt4

If you still cannot see the ask line, then check to see that it is the right color. Go back into your properties and check to see that the grid and ask lines are the correct color. The bid line will cover the ask line on higher timeframes, so this is another reason that you cannot see the ask line.

How to show bid and ask price on mt4? Traders can show and bid and ask price on mt4 or mt5 chart when press right-click in the chart and select properties (or press f8) and then in common tab check show ask line option.

If interested in having the ask price shown on your trading terminal follow the next steps right-click on the chart and select properties in the properties window, click the common tab tick show ask line and then click ok.

You can find the ask price from the market watch or by adding the ask line to your mt4 chart by following the steps below open the mt4 platform and select any chart. Right-click on the chart window, choose properties, or press f8 on your keyboard.

  in mt4 terminal which i use, bid line is price-line on chart. I think that most mt4 platforms are set to show bid line as a price line.

Ios (mt4 and mt5) to enable the ask line on ios mt4 and mt5 apps go to settings.

  check if you are connected to a server (bottom right hand side - are both triangles green?). Usually even if you are not connected to the server it should show the last known price, but if its a new installation and has never been connected then perhaps the price line wont appear if you are not connected.

Bid is the price you can sell an instrument at, while ask is the price you pay to buy it. When in metatrader 4 we see the current price line on a chart, that is by default the bid price.

How to show your ask line in mt4 blackbull markets - youtube. In this video, we show you how to activate the ask line in mt4 please like the video and comment if you enjoyed - it helps a lot.

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Ask price line mt4

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