Artika shukla optional

Artika shukla optional

  artika shukla, who has secured all india rank 4 in her first attempt, in her own words,. I hope you go through this with a little trust in me,pick and choose whatever suits you the best. And if this benefits even one of you,i would consider myself fortunate.

  artika shukla became mega star when she secured rank 4 in upsc cse 2015. In this article we will decode her strategy and try to learn from her.

Artika shukla cracked the upsc ias exam in her first attempt only and without any coaching classes. It is the only choice you get in the exams so use it smartly.

Artika shukla rank 4, cse 2015 hello everyone! I am artika, a doctor my profession.

Artika shuklaof 25 years cracked prestigious civil services exam and one of the toughest exams and made her city proud by securing fourth.

As far as the news paper is concerned, from the beginning to the end, artika read the same news paper.

  upsc civil services topper 2015 air-4 artika shukla explains how to prepare for upsc civil services exams.

  in this session of toppers talk, artika shukla air-04, cse 2015 shares her experience and ups and downs in upsc journey.

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Artika shukla optional

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