Arby's black cow shake

Arby's black cow shake

  my exwife worked for arbys for awhile, they use a few pumps of barqs root beer soda syrup (syrup for the fountain machines) in their vanilla milkshakes to make a black cow. I am not sure how much is in a pump, but i would guess about a tablespoon or so of syrup. And it has to be barqs root beer, does not taste like a black cow with other root beers.

A black cow is a milkshake made with vanilla ice cream, root beer, and chocolate syrup.

  does anyone remember the black cow shake from arbys? Well that was actually a vanilla shake with root beer syrup. In some regions a root beer float and a black cow are one in the same, while in other areas you have to use chocolate ice cream in the float, not vanilla.

Serve with club soda to add for a little extra carbonation, if desired.

  so i went to use the free sandwich coupon today, and was getting a black cow shake for my wife. Only to find arbys discontinued it! When the drive through lady told me.

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Arbys is an american fast food sandwich restaurant chain with more than 3,300 restaurants system wide and third in terms of revenue. In october 2017, food & wine called arbys americas second largest sandwich chain. Arbys is owned by inspire brands, the renamed arbys restaurant group, inc. Arg was renamed as the company took over ownership of buffalo wild wings on february 5, 2018.

  original television commercial promoting milkshakes at carls jr. Created by mick dimaria (copywriter) and marcus wesson (art director) with jordin.

I dont eat at arbys and i have one two block from my house (literlly walking distance). Actually taco bell is one block from my house, so i guess i always go to taco bell before arbys even if im not out for food.

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Arby's black cow shake

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