Antminer z9 calculator

Antminer z9 calculator

Antminer z9 mini profitability mining calculator the antminer z9 mini comes with a surprise twist from bitmain with a housing that is almost half the size in form factor and only has one fan.

Antminer z9 mini can reach 10 khs hashrate and 300 w power consumption for mining zec (equihash) earning around 0. Find out more hashrate, consumption, difficulty, and profitability for mining 25 different coins.

Release date sep 2018 manufacturer page antminer z9 equihash 40. W order now at minerbros order now at miningwholesale order now at minerseurope.

Model antminer z9 from bitmain mining equihash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 42ksols for a power consumption of 970w. Algorythm hashrate consumption efficiency profitability day equihash.

Model antminer z9 mini from bitmain mining equihash algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 10ksols for a power consumption of 300w. Algorythm hashrate consumption efficiency profitability day equihash.

Antminer profitability mining calculator find a complete list of earning calculation and profitability for all bitmain antminer asic models. Weve included all antminer models as seen on this page and listed them from the most profitable to the least profitable. This antminer profitability site is dynamically updated with profit estimates and earning potential from the most profitable coins.

  profit calculator bitcoin mining hardware specs expected revenues are estimates based on the difficulty of 21448277761059 and exchange rate of 59,660. 18 usdbtc antminer z9 mini is an equihash algorithm mining equipment manufactured by bitmain.

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Antminer z9 calculator

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Antminer z9 calculator
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