Alternatives to zenni optical

Alternatives to zenni optical

However, not all frames and styles are available at zenni optical, making it a good idea to check out other online stores. In fact, some zenni optical alternatives even have cheaper glasses, allowing you to make bigger savings even if you had a zenni optical discount. Our team made it their mission to find the best websites like zenni optical online.

Born in the san francisco bay area, the companys mission (according to the websites about page) was to give people glasses they can actually afford but still make them look like a million bucks. In addition to prescription eyeglasses, zenni optical sells sunglasses, sports glasses, and goggles for women, men, and kids.

The quality to price ratio is about the same (50 for a nice and durable pair). But because its pricy, it might not be attractive to the frugal shopper. I choose zenni because i dont care so much about the quality of my glasses.

  according to the company, blue-light filtering glasses can help relieve strain, improve sleep and even safeguard your vision. Their standard computer glasses filter out 55 of blue light, which.

  optometrist data shows that 50 of optical purchases dont meet ansi standards for quality, accuracy, or safety standards. Most use polycarbonate, which is shatter resistant, but had the optical quality of tofu.

Zenni optical used to offer a home try-on program similar to warby parkers, but theyve traded it for a virtual try-on feature.

  warby parker has transformed how people think about buying glasses, but affordable alternatives exist for buying prescription eyeglasses online. Explore affordable online stores for prescription eyeglasses and coupons with this guide, which reviews a variety of online options for prescription eyeglasses.

  here is my comparison of zenni optical and eye buy direct! Comment below which website i should get glasses from next!zenni glassesnavy blue pair 2023816r.

If it werent for the lack of labels, youd be hard-pushed to criticize zenni opticals range for style. The company has thousands of fully customizable frames and lenses.

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Alternatives to zenni optical

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