6 gpu 1070 mining rig

6 gpu 1070 mining rig

So, gtx 1070 is the best ethereum mining card we will use in this mining build.

Spacing the video cards between 58ths of an inch and an inch apart, hang each of the video cards onto the mining rig frame. If not using a purpose-built open air frame use zip ties to affix each end of the video cards to your frame.

With the dramatic rise in value of cryptocurrencies, gpu mining has become very popular making the video cards incredibly hard to find. We are recommending video card we commonly use in our 6 gpu builds, but any gtx 1070s will work.

84 mhs hashrate and 136 w power consumption for mining eth (ethash) earning around 2. Find out more hashrate, consumption, difficulty, and profitability for mining 355 different coins on 120 algorithms.

1 gpu open air mining case 220 power supply corsair hx1200 1200w 80 plus platinum risers ithoo usb3.

Hardware 6 x asus gtx 1070 turbo 1 x msi z170-a pro 1 x g4400 skylake 6 x riser cards 1 x 4gb ddr4 1 x gigabyte 1200w psu 1 x 240gb ssd.

A gpu dedicated miner is a professional altcoin mining device which supports multiple hashing algorithms like eth and other cryptocurrencies. With its perfect flexibility, a gpu dedicated miner is able to to mine many different cryptocurrencies which have seen surging fever and growing profits.

For a ten percent increased hashrate plus the best efficiency, the best graphics card is the nvidia gtx 1070 ti with 8 gb of room. Finally, the 1080 ti with 11 gb of room increases profit and performance by 50-60.

Rig 6 gpu amd miner remote control from your computer mining software already installed can mine different algorithms like ethash, equihash, cryptonight stackable 51 x 35 x 35 cm ( l.).

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6 gpu 1070 mining rig

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