5 step ladder with platform

5 step ladder with platform

Aluminum dual platform ladder solves all the problems youve ever had with a traditional stepladder.

Load capacity type i duty rating aluminum hybrid ladder with tray, 9 ft. H reach gorilla ladders aluminum dual platform ladder gorilla ladders aluminum dual platform ladder with tray is the only ladder combining all the convenience of a compact step stool with the benefits of a stepladder. The full-size flip top project tray is perfect for paint, tools or hardware and stores.

Platform ladders are similar to single sided step ladders as they have treads on one side & a rear frame on the other so they can stand alone in an a frame configuration (free standing) but with a platform as the top step.

Shop step ladders and a variety of tools products online at lowes.

From step and rolling ladders to step stools, extension and multipurpose ladders to scaffolding platforms, weve got you covered with the proper work equipment for just about any kind of garage or shop need imaginable. Sturdy and non-slip ladders and handy accessories gathered in our virtual store provide exceptional levels of stability and flexibility that go hand in hand with top-of-the.

This 5 in 1 combination ladder provides great flexibility to carry out most jobs around the worksite. With a 5 positional modes in 1 design, this ladder is ideal for working safely where work needs to be done around varied floor heights in places such as stairwells. Includes a large, sturdy non-slip wooden platform suitable for standing and working on.

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5 step ladder with platform

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