3 commas smart trade

3 commas smart trade

3commas offers you a smarttrade terminal for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Smarttrade is an exclusive feature of 3commas paired with tradingview indicators for advanced traders and beginners alike.

Create and manage manual trades, check related problems and questions. 27 articles in this collection written by chris, fedor missyura, and alina novikova. Troubleshooting logging support incidents please help us to help you fast and efficiently by using this checklist.

The smart trade allows you to plan both buy & sell at the same time. You can set up stop loss and take profit conditions at the same time and even before the coin is purchased.

Read this guide to acquaint yourself with the futures smart trade terminal if you are new to 3commas, it will help you when you follow the next few guides overview of smart trade terminal for futures trading creating your first smart trade and smart short trades on futures.

3commas crypto trading platform smart tools for cryptocurrency investors to minimize risks, limit losses, grow profits, and manage their portfolios across multiple exchanges.

We will create a short trade using smart cover as we can set our stop loss at the point of resistance where eth recently double-topped at approx 237. Our ultimate profit target goal will be the last strong support where eth reversed at approx 214. 50, we will take profit of 50 of the position at 230, then another 25 of the position at 227, another.

Smarttrade allows you to do manual trading using our tools like trailing stop loss, trailing take profit place both take profit and stop loss at the same time and more, check it below! Switch between your exchanges in two clicks.

Deal closes when the indicated price is reached, or the deal closes when the price drops at or below the indicated value. Sell half your coins for 10,000, then 25 for 11,000, and the rest for 11,500.

Imagine that john bought eth for 200, he wants to sell it at 250. He thinks that after the rise to 250, the price should drop to 230. As he doesnt want to miss both opportunities, he set a cover trade. He sets the sell condition to 250, then the take profit to.

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3 commas smart trade

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