1070 ti whattomine

1070 ti whattomine

  most profitable coins and expected revenue for nvidia geforce gtx 1070 ti mining.

  most profitable coins and expected revenue for nvidia geforce gtx 1070 mining.

A rig with 8 nvidia geforce gtx 1070 3600 sols (8 450 sols) a rig with 8 nvidia geforce gtx 1080 4000 sols (8 500 sols) a rig with 8 nvidia geforce gtx 1080 ti 6000 sols (8 750 sols). On the main page, you should enter the corresponding hashrate for each algorithm.

Im right in the middle of benchmarking multipoolminer with a single 1070ti 200700 & 70 tpd.

Most profitable coins and expected revenue for nvidia geforce gtx 1080 ti mining.

75 1070 ti mining calculator mhs hashrate and 129 w power consumption for mining eth (ethash) earning around 2. Do you think youve got what it takes to join the tough world of cryptocurrency mining.

Does it make sense to buy a gtx 1070 video card for mining purposes? Absolutely. We believe that despite the recent (and significant) price hike following growing demand on the part of miners, gtx 1070 remains an excellent investment. Its also worth noting that gtx 1070s capabilities go well beyond mining.

  hash rates on equihash are pretty similar to the 1070, but 980ti uses about 170w (throttled with nvidia-smi in linux). Comprofitability-calculator is pretty good place to get some fast & rough estimations on hashing speed and profits.

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1070 ti whattomine

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